Police in Huntington Beach Turn to Social Media for Help to Catch Stop-Sign-Hurling “Bro”

On July 28, 2013, following the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California, an array of disorderly young folk engaged in a variety of unsavory activities in downtown Huntington Beach.  Some of the primitives engaged in fighting, many taunted, some turned over portable toilets, some jumped on cars and tried to upend them, and others destroyed public and private property.  After it was toppled and broken from its foundation, a “Bro” picked up a full sized street stop sign and hurled it through the store front window of a local bicycle shop.  Sensing free n’ easy booty, opportunists in the crowd tried to help themselves to the bikes inside, but the shop was defended by shop employees.  Throughout the pandemonium, multitudes of videographers with smartphones held in the air captured a great many crimes.  Some posted video clips of the mayhem which often showed the perpetrators in action on YouTube and other social media sites.  Though many of the offenders have been arrested, thus far, stop-sign-hurler “Bro-magnon” has yet to be found.  Through social media, the Huntington Beach Police Department is now seeking the public’s help to bring him in.


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