The Pull of Facebook Leads to Arrests

In one case, on June 19, 2014, a 26-year-old thief broke into a house in South St. Paul, Minnesota, stole some credit cards, some cash and a watch.  While still in the house, the thief spotted a computer and couldn’t resist logging onto his Facebook account.  When the owner of the house arrived to find his home ransacked, the owner was surprised to also discover that his computer was on and that it showed an unfamiliar Facebook account.  The thief had forgotten to log out of Facebook before vacating the house.  The police were notified of the identity of the thief and he was arrested soon afterward.

In another recent case, an Illinois woman had shoplifted a distinctive leopard print dress from a local boutique.  Realizing the dress was missing and having store surveillance video of the thief, the store manager posted a description of the stolen dress on Facebook and asked people to be on the lookout for her.  Unaware of the store’s video and Facebook posting, the thief put on the dress and took a selfie, posting it on Facebook with the caption: “Love my new dress.” Within hours, someone had posted the thief’s selfie on the store’s page.  The police were notified and she was arrested.  Article here.



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