Hi!  I’m Craig McLaughlin.  Welcome to my blog!  I do hope you like it.  I have tried to post articles that inform the readership about some of the legal risks of using social media.  This blog is intended to be not only informative, but also amusing and hopefully fun too.

As for my background, I am an intellectual property attorney and trial lawyer and have been licensed to practice law in California for many years.  My website is here: http://www.smartpropertylaw.com

Disclaimer: No content in this blog is to be construed as forming or contributing to the formation of an attorney client relationship or is to be construed as containing any legal advice of the author or his law firm.  For legal assistance, please contact a knowledgeable attorney in your locale.

Thanks for visiting.  I do hope you enjoy the content of the blog including the header photo which I snapped in beautiful Yellowstone National Park.

Craig McLaughlin



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